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St Clair

St Clair is a leafy residential suburb of the New Zealand city of Dunedin.[1] It is located on the Pacific Ocean coast five kilometres from the city centre on the southwesternmost part of the coastal plain which makes up the southern part of the urban area, and also climbs the slopes of Forbury Hill immediately to the west of this plain. St Clair’s 2001 population was 4,179.

St Clair Beach is a popular summer destination for Dunedinites. It is one of the South Island’s more popular surfing venues and is also home to the St Clair Surf Life Saving Club. At the western end of the beach, under the shadow of Forbury Hill, lies the St Clair Hot Salt Water Pool, an open-air public swimming pool nestled within rocks a handful of metres from the sea. The beach is also the site of the city’s annual “midwinter plunge”, which sees residents brave the chilly waters every year at the winter solstice. The beach’s sea wall, esplanade and oceanway were rebuilt and renovated in 2004.

In recent years the Esplanade area has become a hub of culture with many cafe’s, restaurants and bars including the casual Neptuno Cafe-Bar and Pier 24 Restaurant and Bar with award winning Celebrity Chef – Michael Coughlin. In 2009 the face of the Esplanade changed significantly with the opening of the luxury St Clair Beach Resort hotel.

One of the city’s wealthier suburbs, many fine houses are situated in the upper part of St Clair on the slopes of Forbury Hill. This part of the suburb is often referred to as St Clair Park, possibly a reference to the St Clair golf course – one of the city’s main courses – which straddles the top of the hill. Near to this are the ruins of Cargill’s Castle, a former stately home built for early settler Edward Cargill in 1877.[2][3]

The twin single-sex secondary schools of King’s and Queen’s lie close to the point where St Clair, St Kilda and Forbury meet. As a residential suburb, industrial activity in 21st century St Clair is negligible.

food trends for 2014

Nationally and Internationally:

  • ¬†locally sourced foods.
  • healthier kids meals
  • gluten free, dairy etc.
  • instant ice cream: liquid nitrogen.
  • nuts
  • Better Quality pizzas
  • chicken is becoming more popular..and very haute.
  • upscale comfort foods.
  • more mash-up dishes.
  • umami
  • scones instead of bread buns etc.
  • tasting only menus.
  • fish.
  • bubbling, fizzy beverage trends.
  • exciting spreads..not just butter for bread etc.
  • pop-ups, food fairs, single item restaurants.
  • craft beers.
  • sheered platters.
  • asian flavours.
  • mideast cooking.
  • chipotle/mexican food.
  • fast foods.
  • ramen noodle crusted chicken wings.
  • cheese stuffed doritos.
  • chocolate chip cookie milk shots. (cookie cups)
  • chocolate chip cookie cinnamon roll. (like a chelsea bun)
  • korean food.
  • balanced healthy eating.
  • hot sauce for flavouring/seasoning.
  • sustainability.
  • chefs introducing cat fish, pork belly and goat.
  • instead of olive oil, avocado, hazelnut and benne seed oils.
  • fermentation.
  • instead of fries, spuds and tortilla chips..beef tendon crisps, crispy chicken skin and jicama and cucumber crudites.


  • nostalgia, comfort, convenience, aunthenticity.